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A Great Room by Providence Builders

About Providence



A Providence home is a luxury home built with passion.


Beyond mere shelter, your home is a reflection of yourself – your personality, your aspirations

and your creativity. Your home is a sanctuary to be shared with loved ones and a cherished

haven for your private use. Providence understands the importance a home plays in your life

and approaches every project with the time, care and attention you and your home deserve.


It is our job to wholly understand your personality, lifestyle and family needs. To capture your

vision and to deliver an extraordinary home – a home that is truly a realization of your dreams.

To accomplish such a home can be a daunting task. We work closely with you at every stage

of the creative process to best ensure a steady, stress free project.


Together we establish your desires, set budgets, and select a location or work with the location

you have already chosen for your dream home. We then create and build your home in

consultation with experienced architects and detail-oriented craftsmen. To best frame existing

landscape features and vistas, each home is developed and placed in a manner that is

harmonious with the surrounding environment. Dramatic landscaping and elegant interior

detailing then complete the overall vision.


From rustic mountain retreats to modern urban living – virtually anything you desire in a private

residence is attainable: gourmet kitchens with dramatic lighting, sumptuous master suites with

intimate spa retreats, elegant stone features and exquisite hardwood flooring, a private wine cellar or a state-of-the-art home theatre. Whatever best compliments your discriminating tastes and enviable lifestyle.


Providence Builders has established a distinguished reputation for quality craftsmanship and innovative homes along the Colorado Front Range and Metro Denver area. With over 20 years experience in business, design and the home construction industry, founder Ron Bills passion for excellence, coupled with his unique vision, leadership skills and a commitment to quality is what sets Providence apart in the luxury home market. Providence Builders is dedicated to premium materials, unparalleled design and the highest level of workmanship. To deliver exceptional results, Providence partners with prominent architects, inspired designers and diligent craftsmen.


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