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Our Process


Our process is all about you.


The Vision
The key to the success of every project is working closely with you, our client, and we take great

pride in doing so. It becomes our passion to turn your dream and vision into reality. Your input and

creativity are crucial as we work together through every step of the process. Once you have chosen

your lot/land, Providence Builders' commitment to excellence means working with prominent

architects. We determine what size of home and what style you are hoping to achieve with lifestyle

needs, desires and design preferences in mind. We look at what setting you prefer, taking into

account prime views, landscaping, and geological features. And with all of this, staying within the

budget you have set, while building a lasting home for you and your family to work, to play and to

live. Architectural renderings are then developed with team consultation on exterior and interior




The Dream
During the build out phase much of what goes on behind the scenes, you as the client may never

know about, such as permitting with the city or county, inspections, and thousands of aspects that

go into the construction of your home. It may seem intimidating to you but we at Providence Builders

have assigned a project manager specifically to your home for the build out from "the vision" to the

finish of your "extraordinary dream home". It is a complex and detailed driven process that is

meticulously planned and expertly scheduled. We bid out for the best craftsman at the best value for

you, from the pouring of your foundation to the painting of your walls, every part of building your 

home becomes a passion for us. During the build out phase progress meetings and coordination with

interior and exterior designers, specialists and other team members are scheduled regularly. You are

the center piece of what makes it all come together. With each day's work, what was your vision, is

transformed into reality. Your home will begin to reflect your personality and the unique designs and

preferences that only you have chosen.

The Reality
For Providence Builders, this is where passion allows your dream

and vision to become reality. Interior and exterior finishes are

completed with no detail missed, along with any final landscaping

designed to harmoniously blend your new home with it's

surroundings. Final walk through's are done and we celebrate with

you. Your dream home is expressive, its about your family, its

luxurious, elegant and extraordinary. Your dream home is a

Providence Builders home, a Colorado Luxury Home.

The Extraordinary
Your dream and vision has become reality and you and your family

now enjoy your new home. Providence Builders was honored in

being a part of that process. Thank you for allowing us to turn your dream into reality. We pride our company in not only building an extraordinary home but building a lasting relationship with you. We will continue to communicate with you and any concerns, needs

or wants that you have in the future.

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